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South Africa 2017

Toad Grasshopper, Trachypterella species, poss. T. anderssonii, nymph, which mimics the quartz pebbles in the Knersvlakte Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa.

In August 2017 I visited South Africa with a small group of nature photographers, with the object of photographing the flowers of Namaqualand (see the previous post).  This year happened to be one of the driest on record and so the fields of Namaqua Daisies were nowhere to be seen but, nevertheless, we managed to find […]

American West Coast gallery added


Hall of Mosses, Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington state, USA. I have just added a new gallery “American West Coast“ to display some of the photographs taken on a trip to this interesting and varied region back in 2008.  Sorry it’s taken so long!

Borneo September 2011

Small jumping spider, Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

In September I led a small group of eco-tourists to Sabah, Borneo.  This was my fourth trip, although the itinerary has been different each time. On this occasion I stayed on for a short time to visit the Mulu National Park, in Sarawak, which I had not visited before, and the Mount Kinabalu National Park, […]