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South Africa 2017

Toad Grasshopper, Trachypterella species, poss. T. anderssonii, nymph, which mimics the quartz pebbles in the Knersvlakte Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa.

In August 2017 I visited South Africa with a small group of nature photographers, with the object of photographing the flowers of Namaqualand (see the previous post).  This year happened to be one of the driest on record and so the fields of Namaqua Daisies were nowhere to be seen but, nevertheless, we managed to find […]

The Road to Rosh Pinah

Aloe gariepensis

It may sound like something out of one of Edward Lear’s nonsense poems, but there really is a place called Rosh Pinah.  It’s a small mining town in southern Namibia, along the C13, a road that runs from near the South African border at Noordoewer to the small town of Aus.  For about 100km, between […]