Camouflaged lizards

Desert horned lizard, Phrynosoma platyrhinos, North America

A short piece to get some new photos on the front page.  Three lizards from different parts of the world that demonstrate exceptional camouflage.  Photographing camouflaged subjects is always a balancing act – on the one hand, the image should show how effective the camouflage is but, on the other hand, if it shows it […]

Air-to-air Photography – a first attempt

Cessna 152 in flight

Last week I finally managed to achieve some air-to-air photography, something I have been trying to organise for some time.  The aircraft in the photos, and the one I was flying in, is a Cessna 152, a variant of the hugely popular Cessna 150 with a slightly more powerful engine.  Cessna built over 7,500 152s […]

New book – “Chameleons”

Namaqua Chameleon, Chamaeleo namaquensis

My new book, “Chameleons” has just been published (please see the Publications page for details).  Here’s the Introduction. Of all the lizards, the chameleons are the most charismatic.  Although they are objects of fear and superstition in some of the places where they live, to Western eyes they are amusing curiosities even among the many […]

Stacking up plants

Sun pitcher plant

Some time ago I started photographing unusual plants – succulents, insectivorous plants, and other weirdies – with a view to doing a small book on them.  This hasn’t happened and probably never will, but it gave me an incentive to try out different techniques.  One of these was focus stacking. I find that it has […]

A day out in Liverpool

Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool

We had to go to Liverpool on February 23rd to pick up a passport, and used the rest of the day photographing buildings around the waterfront and Albert Dock.  The weather was superb and the architecture equally so.  It’s easy to see why Liverpool was awarded the “European Capital of Culture” accolade in 2008. The way […]

Article in EOS Magazine


The latest EOS Magazine (Jan – March 2012) includes an article I wrote about using polarising filters.  If I’m completely honest, this article was written some time ago and has been re-worked by Robert Scott: thanks for giving me the credit, Robert, very generous. Well, anyway, the article describes how polarising filters are among the […]

Photographing extinct species

Atelopus ignescens, Paramo near Guaranda, Ecuadorian Andes, now extinct

This is something that none of us ever want to do but, if you photograph enough frogs, sooner or later one of them is likely to become extinct: an estimated 30% of all amphibian species are likely to be lost forever in the next 50 years. For instance, in 1985 on my first trip to […]