ENCYCLOPEDIA OF REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS, published by Windmill Books in the UK for Firefly. General editor: Chris Mattison.  Published in 2015, this is the third revision of this highly-regarded book, originally published by the Oxford University Press, with sections written by some of the leading herpetologists on both sides of the Atlantic (please see references to the previous editions in the “most popular” section below). While much of the biology has remained the same, taxonomic changes have made a revision essential and the opportunity has been taken to include many new photos, and the results of recent research.

NATURE GUIDE TO SNAKES AND OTHER REPTILES was published in 2014 by Dorling Kindersley.  This is a general overview of reptiles and amphibians with profiles of over 290 species, each including at least one colour photograph.  There are also introductory sections on the various groups.  This book is aimed at amateur naturalists who would like an introduction to these often overlooked animals.

What Reptile? cover shotWHAT REPTILE? has just been published by Interpet. It has 208 pages and 340 colour photographs, and lists over 150 different species of reptiles and amphibians that are often available from pet shops.  Each species is assessed as to its suitability for captivity, especially in the hands of beginners, and attention is drawn to the difficulties in keeping and breeding some of the more delicate and uncommon species.  It starts with a short introduction, which is followed by about 150 species accounts, divided into Newts and Salamanders; Frogs and Toads; Turtles and Tortoises; Lizards; and Snakes.  Cover price £12.99. Probably cheaper from Amazon.


“CHAMELEONS” has just (July 2012) been published by the Natural History Museum and Princeton University Press.  Written in collaboration with Nick Garbutt this book describes the natural history of this interesting family of lizards and gives an overview of the species worldwide.  There are over 100 colour photographs showing many different species and the characteristics that make chameleons unique as a group. Chapters are: Evolution and Classification; Size and Shape, Colour and Markings; Enemies and Defence; Food and Feeding; Reproduction and Development; Chameleons and Humans; Chameleon Genera. Please visit the “Chameleons” gallery to see some of the illustrations from this book.



“FROGS AND TOADS OF THE WORLD” was published in April 2011 by the Natural History Museum in London, and Princeton University Press in New Jersey.  With nearly 200 pages and over 200 photographs, there are ten chapters: Origins and classification; Size and shape, colour and markings; Interactions with the physical environment; Enemies and defence; Food and feeding; Reproduction; Life-cycles; Habitat and distribution; Frogs and man; and an account of the 49 families of frogs, describing their physical characteristics, where they live, and their natural history. There are photographs of representative species of almost every family, as well as photographs showing behaviour camouflage, life-cycles and so on. Many of these photographs can be viewed in my “Frogs” gallery. The book is available online directly from the Natural History Museum shop for £20 or from Princeton University Press, priced $29.95.  Also available from Amazon and most high-street booksellers.



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